Danita Doleman

Danita Doleman

Managing Principal at SEAS Community Partners 

About Me

There has been business experience in Washington, DC, for more than 20 years. Throughout her career, Ms. Doleman has helped many nonprofit organizations, commercial businesses, government agencies, and small businesses on their journey to use computer technology in their businesses and to come up with sound business strategies that lead to more efficient operations and more money.

Seas Community Partners, LLC, is Danita Doleman's company. It provides business solutions using mobile and web technologies and tactical grant and proposal writing to help businesses get critical business funding. Doleman is the Managing Principal of SEAS Community Partners, LLC, which is a consulting management company.

In business, things don't happen by accident. A lot of small and medium-sized businesses have gone under because they didn't have good internal management or mismanaged their clients or projects.

When Danita Doleman works for SEAS Community Partners, she helps executive and management-level businesses in different industries improve their business strategies and plan projects with the goal of meeting the needs of their stakeholders or clients.

She has worked with a lot of people from the public and nonprofit sectors, as well as people from construction, real estate, technology, retail, and small to big businesses.


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